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Explaining America’s Shortage of Truck Drivers

truckers insurance

Swift Transportation, the United States' largest carrier, recently saw its stock plummet by eighteen percent in a single day. But the problem doesn't appear to be Swift's business -- instead, the company pointed to the trouble it's facing in finding and keeping drivers.

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Drivers Weigh Merits of Rule Designed to Prevent Coercion by Shippers


Who's to blame when a driver is out on the road well beyond his or her hours of service limits? Is it the driver, or should investigators be looking more closely at the people standing behind truckers, like carriers, shippers, and brokers?

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Illinois State Police Crack Down on Potentially Dangerous Truckers

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For several weeks now the Illinois State Police have been keeping a close eye on truckers, focusing most of their attention on the busy Interstate 90/94 corridor, a critical route for commercial traffic. The goal is to reduce traffic fatalities involving truck drivers, though it’s an approach many truck drivers feel is focused in the wrong direction.

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Different State, Different Inspection

Photo by Jeffrey Henon

Have you ever been pulled over by a DOT inspector or a state police officer and been given a citation for something you didn't think you deserved a ticket for? Ever looked at that ticket and thought "I do this same thing every day. No other inspector has given me a ticket for it."

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Truckers Respond to CNBC's "Collision Course" Special

From the Facebook page of Goldwing World

NBC's new four-part "Collision Course" special is making waves both inside and outside the trucking industry. The special, which takes a closer look at trucking regulations, has been condemned by many truckers who feel that CNBC has unfairly targeted their driving practices.

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FMCSA Chief Resigns Amidst Controversy

Image by born1945

America's top trucking safety administrator has resigned from her post after five years, but it's unlikely many truckers will be shedding tears.

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An Epic Win for BigRoad Users


We're so excited about the new guidance from the FMCSA. It's great news worth celebrating. The July 10th guidance by the FMCSA clarifying just how legal electronic logbooks and electronic signatures are (spoiler: they're extremely legal) has been a long time coming. This is the story of how you made that happen with help from BigRoad staff and some folks in enforcement.

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Giant News for BigRoad Users — FMCSA Clarifies Driver E-Log Use

FMCSA thumbs up

BigRoad users demanded it; FMCSA guidance on records of duty status generated by tablets and smartphones

Until now, the rules for electronic logbooks were notoriously difficult to understand and inconsistently enforced. With fragmented rules published at different times, it was a challenge for anyone to figure out exactly how the rules worked.

Although we did our best to provide the most accurate, up-to-date info to our pioneering user-base, the published rules were never easy to follow and even more difficult to explain. But you always knew the future of transport would be paperless.

Now inconsistency and confusion are a thing of the past. Late last week the FMCSA published an update to its regulations and specifically addressed electronic logbooks on phones and tablets.

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BigRoad and Sylectus Announce Integration for HOS Compliance

sylectus resized 600

Integration between BigRoad smartphone-based electronic driver log and Sylectus transportation management system helps drivers and fleets manage HOS compliance.

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Roadcheck 2014 is Fast Approaching

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We are now just a few days away from Roadcheck 2014. The inspection blitz will happen June 3rd to 5th, 2014. Are you ready?

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