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Q&A Part 3 of 4

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It's awesome to have so many questions to answer from our webinar attendees. Thanks again, everyone. Have questions to add? Ask away in the comments!

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Safety Group Sues FMCSA Over Driver Training Rules

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A coalition of safety organizations has sued the United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), arguing that the federal agency needs to introduce tougher rules for training new truck drivers.

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Truckers Help Reunite Lost Cat with Family

Oreo cat

The Graves family never thought they'd see their cat Oreo again after the feline got lost in a forest near White River, Ontario. But thanks to a pair of kind truckers, Oreo has now been reunited with her people.

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Q&A Part 2 of 4

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As a part of our effort to answer every single question asked during our live webinar on roadside inspection practices, here is the next installment. You can see the first part and watch a recording of our CVSA webinar here. Have any more questions or comments for us? Leave your comment below the post or email for help.

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American Moving & Storage Association Applies for Exemption From 14-Hour Rule

Moving Truck Rental

Should drivers of moving trucks be allowed to drive past the 14th hour? The American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) thinks so and has applied to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for a special exemption from regulations prohibiting drivers from piloting their commercial vehicles past the 14th hour on duty.

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Post-CVSA: We're Answering All Your Questions

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This year we were proud to be an exhibitor at the CVSA Conference and Exhibition. During the event’s lunch break on Tuesday the 16th, BigRoad and Gobbell Transportation held a webinar addressing issues around safety regulations and common practices for inspecting electronic logbooks.

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BigRoad Webinar: Roadside Inspection Secrets from CVSA 2014

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We are thrilled to be participating in the annual CVSA Conference and Exhibition in Buffalo, New York this week. BigRoad staffers Terry and Willem are on the ground at this very moment meeting with customers and soaking up all the newest info about safety regulations right from enforcement officials. We are most excited to share that information with you through our roadside inspection webinar tomorrow, September 16th at 12:30pm Eastern.

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Live from CVSA: The Lastest Info to Help You Stay Compliant - Directly From Law Enforcement

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The newest FMCSA guidance on electronic logbooks means new interpretations to Hours of Service regulations are running rampant at roadside inspections across the country. Don't get caught without fully compliant logs! BigRoad's Terry Frey will be hosting a live webinar from the annual CVSA Conference and Exhibition in Buffalo, New York. Terry and guest Rick Gobbell from Gobbell transportation will discuss how state enforcement is interpreting the regulations and will provide real-world insights on what's happening at roadside inspections right now. This webinar is a must for anyone who needs to know how to stay compliant and avoid the HOS confusion.

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CVSA Conference 2014 Focuses on Safety, Emerging Technologies

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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) annual conference kicks off in Buffalo this coming Sunday, running until Wednesday the 17th. The focus is on safety, with participants expected to discuss how all commercial players—from truckers to shippers and legislators—can make the road a safer place.

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“Rolling Against Hepatitis C” Campaign Takes Aim at Deadly Liver Disease

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A new, nation-wide campaign is designed to raise awareness about the curious relationship between truckers and Hepatitis C. It's hoped the recently launched "Rolling Against Hepatitis C" will help reduce the number of truck drivers struck down by the deadly liver disease.

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