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An Epic Win for BigRoad Users


We're so excited about the new guidance from the FMCSA. It's great news worth celebrating. The July 10th guidance by the FMCSA clarifying just how legal electronic logbooks and electronic signatures are (spoiler: they're extremely legal) has been a long time coming. This is the story of how you made that happen with help from BigRoad staff and some folks in enforcement.

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Roadcheck 2014 is Fast Approaching

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We are now just a few days away from Roadcheck 2014. The inspection blitz will happen June 3rd to 5th, 2014. Are you ready?

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Motorcoach Compliance and Safety - What Can BigRoad Do For Me?

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Last week several BigRoad staff members had the pleasure of attending the United Motorcoach Association Expo in Los Angeles and boy are we excited about motorcoaches. It was great to meet so many of the passenger carrying fleets who use and love our software!

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Wanted: Smarter, simpler, more streamlined trucking regulations

There's an app for that!!!

A very good article by Greg Fulton in Overdrive Online that is relevant to the CVSA conference I am attending in Denver this week.  Lawmakers and enforcement officials should take advice from Greg and his observations that recent statistics reflect that more than 90 percent of the trucking companies in the country are made up of businesses that have 20 or fewer employees.  Very few of these companies have a staff attorney, regulatory director, or tax specialist. Yet because of the increasing complex web of laws and regulations in our country, almost all of these companies at one time during the year will need to retain the services of one of these specialists.

An owner of one small trucking company once mentioned to me that he woke up every morning worried that he was unwittingly violating at least one regulation or law each day. Because of the volume of laws and regulations and their changing nature, he could never be certain what exactly had changed day to day and where he failed to comply, but it was a constant concern.

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Another Ranking for BigRoad!

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BigRoad had made the "Best Smartphone Apps for Trucker Drivers" - ranked 3rd!!

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