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Smartphone trucker apps easily adopted by younger truck drivers

We see more and more young drivers enthusiastically adopting smartphone trucking apps (like BigRoad) because they are so comfortable with the technology, and are at ease with features such as text messaging, electronic daily driver logs and document capture using the camera etc.

The trucking industry has always had a tough time attracting young drivers, especially with the four gap years between high school graduation and commercial truck driver age eligibility, and the loneliness of being on the road.  However, with automation of complex hours of service rules (using electronic logs) removing the complexity of HOS rules and ubiquitous WiFi and smartphones, that allow young drivers to stay connected to their social network while laying over for the night, these issues are diminishing.


A recent article in Road King Magaine profiles a few young drivers and there keys to success

Travis Nelson, 27

Has your age worked to your advantage?
Travis Nelson, 27: I’m young, motivated and deal with a lot of people my age in the industry. Many college logistics students run dispatch or traffic departments. We really interact on the same level and get stuff done fast.




Zach Bench, 25



What are the biggest challenges being a motor carrier owner?
Zach Bench, 25: Finding profitable new lanes. When I have a new owner-operator lease on, I find out what lanes he enjoys and his break-even points so he’s profitable at the end of the month.

Next, keeping up with all the regulations and staying in good standing with the DOT. It  takes time to keep files current, from vehicle inspections to log books.


It is encouraging that younger drivers are willing to give trucking a try.  The industry can use new technologies such as smartphones to make the transition easier for them and to take away a lot of the paper-based manual processes of old style trucking that are becoming increasingly outdated in the process.






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