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BigRoad is always on the lookout for good apps that help improve life on the road for truckers.  We added in a great free app called 'Lose-it' into the BigRoad 'app launcher' in the latest release.  We've had overwhelming support from truck drivers out on the road, and I am quite amazed at the statistics I am seeing regarding usage from within the BigRoad app.  I have been using it myself for the last little while and it is quite revealing (sometimes too much perhaps....) regarding the calories going into my yap.  The snacks and drinks can really add up.....


Lose-it weight loss app for truck drivers


It's a great app for making you aware of what you're eating and to set some weight goals etc. We thought with all the talk about weight issues in truck driving that we could try and encourage some healthy habits and incorporate a good app. Other suggestions for apps to put in the app launcher are always appreciated.



About the Author: Kelly Frey

Kelly Frey