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BigRoad Saves You Money: Eliminate DOT Log form and manner errors

Are sloppy paper driver logs costing you time from slower inspections?

  • Save $5,000/year with faster compliant inspections
  • BigRoad inspection-ready driver logs save time!

Are sloppy paper driver logs costing you time from slower inspections? The free BigRoad mobile trucking app includes fully automated driver logs with one-touch duty cycle entry, and industry compliant inspection logs. Drivers can simply hand over their smartphone or tablet to the inspector for them to securely review their graphic driver log. Our active form and manner error checking ensures that the logs are compliant, eliminating potential violations before they happen: over 70% of FMCSA audit penalties arise from easily avoided form and manner errors.

Here's how a typical ten-truck fleet can save $5,000 a year using BigRoad driver logs:

15 min. faster inspections: $25
10 truck fleet: x 10
12 months a year: x 12
One less service violation/year: + $,2000
Annual savings: $5,000

Daily driver log in BigRoad Fleet web site

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