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Electronic Driver Logs that Drivers Want to Use - from a driver

From driver Scott Z, submitted to BigRoad: "I’m talking about the free BigRoad Truck Driver App that finally makes electronic driver logs easy for truck drivers to create on the road."

Life on the road has many things to love. But driver logs simply aren’t one of them. Well, until now. Finally there’s an app for that. I’m talking about the free BigRoad Truck Driver App that finally makes electronic driver logs easy for truck drivers to create on the road.

I am the last driver to ever endorse technology. Facebook is for the kids. It’s hard to tweet when your hands are on the wheel. I even still prefer my Eagles albums on vinyl.  But keeping up with accurate driver logs while on the road has never been the easiest part of my job. I am not alone. According to FMCSA 2011 reports, careless omissions or 'form and manner' errors in paper logs resulted in 70% of roadside violations and audit fines. That’s a lot of tickets that could have been avoided with electronic driver logs like the kind BigRoad helps create.

Take a look at the benefits of BigRoad:

Free. First of all, this app is FREE to download on Google Play and lets you create easy electronic driver logs on the Android smartphone or tablet device that you probably already carry - or will soon as the prices keep coming down.

Easy to Use. This app is so simple to use. It is very straightforward, which is something a non-techie like me really appreciates. It makes creating clean and easy to inspect driver logs simple to do any time I’m just sitting around waiting. Which is half the job, right?

Saves time. With this BigRoad app you can create your electronic driver logs and then send to dispatch for instant record keeping. No costly faxing required! I love that. You can also print out your log at any time if you have a printer in your cab and want to keep a paper trail of it too. 

Helps you avoid errors in logging. I love the fact that the app puts complete FMCSA rule sets in the palm of my hand any time I need to reference them. This app makes it easy to avoid careless omissions and the kind of “form and manner” errors that have tripped many of us up time and time again. 

Avoid traffic pitfalls. In addition to letting you make easy, fast and accurate electronic driver logs, the BigRoad app can help you keep on trucking like the best GPS devices. It offers real time traffic view and even truck specific navigation to help you get to your destination faster. I keep my phone charging on the stand as I drive to see just how far I have to go, and what kind of traffic lies up ahead.

Another thing I like is the in-app messaging it gives me. I can message dispatch at any time without any text costs. Pretty smart feature.

BigRoad even offers one-tap access to truck stop locations, weigh station scales, dealer locations near you and more. I really don’t know how truckers have lived without this app up until now. Fleet managers will want to equip their entire fleet with it, too, for the best in savings and convenience. You will want to check it out. And don't just take this humble advice. The testimonials on Google play from truckers across the U.S. and Canada have been raving about this app and the electronic driver logs it can create. You'll never miss that paper log again. 


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