With so many hats to wear, most owner-operators don't have time to study the 500+ page ELD mandate document to discover what exactly they need to know. That's why we held a webinar to help you simplify the ELD mandate and find out exactly what you need to know to stay ahead of the law

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

Click the image below to access a recording of our ELD Mandate 101 webinar that was held on March 14, 2017:


Questions & Answers

Q. What device do you recommend for a 2-truck company?
  This is an easy one! DashLink ELD is great for small operations because it is one of the most affordable options; there is no upfront hardware cost and the licensing fee is very low. It's also easy-to-use --drivers frequently comment on how simple using BigRoad makes their lives! Another great thing about DashLink is its flexibility--you can use it as a fully-compliant AOBRD and continue to edit your logs until you are ready to switch to an ELD. 

The other great thing about DashLink is that DOT officers love it! Many drivers comment on how fast and easy inspections are since getting a DashLink, and how DOT officers commend them for using BigRoad.

Q. Can drivers edit drive time in AOBRD mode? What if I buy a new truck or change carriers? Can I stockpile AOBRDs that aren't assigned to trucks?
A. Yes, you can edit drive time in AOBRD mode if you have Safety Manager/Admin access. You can continue to use an AOBRD until December 16th, 2019 if you get it before the December 18, 2017 deadline. With DashLink, this change can be made with a simple switch flip by our team, so you won't need to purchase new hardware when you decide to transition from AOBRD to ELD.

If you choose to, you can stockpile AOBRDs, or move them between trucks, since they do not have to be assigned to one vehicle. It's a great way to maintain some flexibility for an additional two years! 

If you change carriers and they allow you to use the AOBRD you already have, you can continue to use it. 

Q. Will the BigRoad device be compliant for 2019?
 Yes. BigRoad is currently in the process of self-certifying our DashLink device to include ourselves in the FMCSA's ELD provider list. We expect that we'll be on that list in the coming months. You can pick up the DashLink now as an AOBRD and make the switch to ELD mode when you are ready, sometime before the 2019 deadline.

Q. Do the same rules apply to someone hauling personal items and not for hire?
 If you are hauling personal items and do not currently need to keep RODS, then you will not need an ELD. If you are driving a vehicle that requires you to have a CDL and keep RODS, then you will need to have an ELD; if you are driving your own personal vehicle, for personal use and not under the direction of a motor carrier, then no you do not need an ELD. 

Q. Can drivers make status changes after signing their logs? Will DOT enforcement be able to see these changes? Who can make corrections to RODS?
 With an ELD, once a driver completes and signs off on his logs, he cannot make any more adjustments. In fact, even before he sends and signs them to you, he won't be able to make any changes because the electronic logging device records all of this information automatically. Any changes that need to be made can be done by an administrator in the back end system, and those changes need to be signed off on by the driver. There is a record of all changes kept that can be seen by the DOT inspector. 

Q. With the Trump presidencly, how likely is it that owner-operators will need to get an ELD? What are the chances that this ruling will be overturned?
 So, we've had a few more questions regarding owner-operators and whether this ELD ruling even applies to them; under the ELD mandate, owner-operators are required to use an ELD, there is no exemption based on being a single-truck operation or an owner-operator. However, you might qualify for one of the exemptions outlined in the webinar. 

There has been a lot of coverage in the news as to the Trump administration and how it will impact the madate. We do not have firm insight on what will happen, but many FMCSA, CVSA, and DOT contact have commented that the mandate is sticking and nothing will change, as it had already become law prior to Trump taking office, so it would not be part of his regulatory rollback program. 

Q. If you don't send the logs to an email, are they saved automatically? Do you need to print out days, or weeks when you are off?
 If you are using the BigRoad Mobile App, you can pull up logs through the app from the last 7 days, or 14 days depending on which country you are driving in. This will allow you to present the required logs during an inspection. If you need to go back further than what is required for an audit, you can log into the BigRoad Web App and all of your logs will be saved there indefinitely.

Q. If we use the free electronic logging app, does that count toward the grandfathered 2-year extension clause?
No. The BigRoad Mobile App, or any electronic logging solution, is not the same as having an electronic logging device--which automatically records data from your vehicle's engine. You will still need an ELD. 

To take advantage of the grandfather clause, you can get more flexible AOBRD and use it for an additional two years after the December 2017 deadline. I will be hosting another webinar on April 12th that will go ove the difference between ELogs, ELDs and AOBRDs. You can register on our events page.

Are you required to show a DVIR on inspection? Can I make corrections to my logs on the mobile app or will I have to log in online to make changes?  
You must complete a DVIR at the end of each day. If you are using just the mobile app, and remember, this is not an ELD compliant solution, you can make all the edits you need to from the app. If you are using an AOBRD, like DashLink, you can still make edits from your phone. However, if you are using an ELD, once you sign off on your day those changes are locked. You or your carrier can make some corrections online from the Web App, but they need to be signed off on by the driver. With an ELD, DOT officers can see a record of all of the changes that have been made, but with an AOBRD they cannot -- another great reason to get an AOBRD!

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