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Trimble acquires TMW - FMCSA rejoices - EOBR's for all!

August 28, 2012

It seems that the more the FMCSA pushes the 'heavy hardware' EOBR mandate and electronic driver logs, the fatter the top technology guys are getting through acquisitions.  I can imagine the executives of Trimble wringing their hands and salivating over the prospects of a universal EOBR mandate for all commercial vehicles, as recommended by the FMCSA and Map-21 initiative.  

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The 3 Big Benefits of Mobile Trucker Apps

August 22, 2012

Mobile technology is irrevocably changing the way we do business. It was early in 2011 that smartphone and tablet shipments first surpassed those of PCs – a powerful signifier that consumer tastes had shifted in favor of devices that were small, light and portable.

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25 Reasons Why Trucking is Better Than it Used to Be

August 15, 2012

I like this compilation by David Henry, but he forgot to include the joys of using his BigRoad app to keep his log paperwork straight...........

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Top Driver and Fleet Benefits of Electronic Logs

August 14, 2012

BigRoad’s HOS solution aids both fleet managers and their drivers. Here are a few reasons how.

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Driver Shortage - FMCSA and CSA to blame?

August 08, 2012

Although I find some of the driver turnover numbers in this article hard to believe.. especially the small carrier numbers...but we know the driver shortage is a reality.
A worsening shortage of truck drivers is pushing up freight rates and delaying some deliveries, defying the weak economy, high unemployment and falling gasoline prices.
"It's getting harder to get drivers," says Mike Card, president of Combined Transport of Central Point, Ore., and incoming chairman of the American Trucking Associations. "I could hire 50 guys right now." He now employs 393 drivers.

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FMCSA fleet compliance - Automatic driver conviction reporting

August 08, 2012

The FMCSA continues to tighten the noose on driver and fleet compliance with a proposed requirement that States report driver convictions to driver's home state licensing agency

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EOBR Fleet Compliance - Number two challenge of Independent Operators

August 05, 2012

The trucking industry faces more restrictive hours of service restart rules starting in 2013, as well as the prospect of litigation further delaying that date or even changing the revised hours rule. That uncertainty is complicated by the voluntary adoption of electronic onboard recorders by many carriers and the congressional mandate for EOBRs in the recently passed highway reauthorization bill.

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Todd Dills Overdrive Online Article About BigRoad

August 04, 2012

Todd Dills at Overdrive Online posted a nice article about us today (Thx).  Take a read...

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Compliance Acronym Insanity: IANA supports ATA's FMCSA HOS Suit

August 01, 2012

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CNN reports truck driver shortage - 1M drivers needed each year!

July 30, 2012

The video below details the issue of the truck driver shortage in the US.  We can all agree that there is definitely an issue attracting young drivers due to the gap years between high school graduation and when you can apply for your CDL at 21 yrs of age, and the high cost of training ($4k-$6k+).  However, we also have to look at the quality of driving jobs that are being offered, and the ability to make a decent day's pay being a truck driver, as a core issue.

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