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Beer Truck Breaks in Half - it's Summer time in Canada!!!

A trailer loaded with beer broke in half in the parking lot of The Beer Store on King Street in Kitchener, Monday afternoon. You know it's summer in Canada when beer trucks ...
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Why Paper Truck Driver Logs Suck

See the sample log sent in by one of our favorite BigRoad drivers, BC driver David Sanborn (PavementPilot).
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4 Myths about truckers and truck driving - video

I found this video describing the truth and myths about The American Trucker. Truck drivers are often stereotyped improperly. This video trys to debunk the myths that surround the ...
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Qualcomm Developing App for Smart Phones, Tablets: but BigRoad already does.....

It appears that Qualcomm is a bit desperate to be relevant.... pre-announcing smart phone apps in this article that appears in the June 11 print edition of Transport Topics. Click ...
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Speed limiters on trucks declared unconstitutional by Ontario court

Requiring trucks to be equipped with speed limiters jeopardizes the safety of truck drivers and those near them on the road, an Ontario court said Wednesday in declaring the law ...
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If you don't ask - you don't get.... The Daily Rant

I always love reading the Daily Rant from prolific blogger Salena Lettera This post in particular I like b/c it shows a lot about the attitude you need to take sometimes in ...
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Kelly Frey, CEO Introduction

Introduction to BigRoad
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FMCSA new rule - may tighten noose a little more on 'reincarnated' carriers

A new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rule establishes procedures for issuing out-of-service orders to “reincarnated” motor carriers in order to ensure that carriers ...
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