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Top Tunes for Truckers

Posted by Alicia Bedard

    Mon, Jun 13, 2016

Lately we've been talking a lot about inspections, violations, compliance, regulations, and mandates. All pretty serious stuff! This week, we wanted to break it up and do something a little more pull together a playlist of our top tunes for truckers! Our list includes new tracks, old classics, country, and rock - something for everyone!

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Canada to Adopt ELDs

Posted by Aleksandra Kulik

    Tue, Feb 16, 2016

Transport Canada announced yesterday that Canada will follow the US mandate and require the use of ELDs for tracking driver hours. This decision was made after years of review and found that it will improve safety, eliminate fraud, and significantly reduce paperwork.

Although minimal details have been released, Transport Canada stated they will align with the FMCSA’s December 2017 timeline. It is unknown if the same criteria will be used for what is considered an ELD or if there will similar exemptions, or any at all.

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The Case of the Lost eLogs

Posted by Ingrid Brown

    Fri, Dec 18, 2015


You never think it’s going to happen to you. Ever. But then it does. You can do everything in your power to use what you think is the right technology to support your job. And then it fails you.

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BigRoad is Perfect for Driveaway Companies - Q&A Part 2 of 4

Posted by Heather Wilson

    Wed, Sep 24, 2014

As a part of our effort to answer every single question asked during our live webinar on roadside inspection practices, here is the next installment. You can see the first part and watch a recording of our CVSA webinar here. Have any more questions or comments for us? Leave your comment below the post or email for help.

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An Epic Win for BigRoad Users

Posted by Heather Wilson

    Fri, Aug 01, 2014

We're so excited about the new guidance from the FMCSA. It's great news worth celebrating. The July 10th guidance by the FMCSA clarifying just how legal electronic logbooks and electronic signatures are (spoiler: they're extremely legal) has been a long time coming. This is the story of how you made that happen with help from BigRoad staff and some folks in enforcement.

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Motorcoach Compliance and Safety - How BigRoad Can Help

Posted by Heather Wilson

    Fri, Mar 07, 2014

Our previous blog post in this series, Motorcoach Compliance and Safety - What Can BigRoad Do For Me? we discussed the emphasis on safety and compliance that has been present in the transportation world this past year. This was a big topic at the recent UMA Expo in Los Angeles as well.

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Plan For The Long Haul - "Owner Operator 101" with Truckin' Ed

Posted by Ed Godfrey

    Thu, Aug 01, 2013

Entrepreneurs typically possess a spirit of risk and drive which others do not, and believe me it’s needed with the overwhelming challenges we face pursuing our goals. Owning a business and making a profit is the primary goal of most entrepreneurs. When you decide to buy a truck and be your own boss, you must have these same traits in order to succeed because once you purchase equipment, you’re in for the long haul. You have to make sure your plan is solid and your investments are sound.

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