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5 Ways to Recruit the Best Drivers

August 06, 2015

In an earlier post, I mentioned that recruiting is both an art and a science. If you keep reading this post you should be able to pick up on some subtle, and not so subtle, ways that I perform my art. Today I am going to talk about the science of recruiting.

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Holding on to Good Drivers - Retention Basics

May 28, 2015

Without good drivers our economy stops. Without good drivers your business stops. As a day-to-day recruiter, I have an arsenal of ideas and strategies to find the right drivers and keep seats filled. In our business, driver recruitment is a perpetual motion machine. Just like the freight we move, recruiting never stops.

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BigRoad is Perfect for Driveaway Companies - Q&A Part 2 of 4

September 24, 2014

As a part of our effort to answer every single question asked during our live webinar on roadside inspection practices, here is the next installment. You can see the first part and watch a recording of our CVSA webinar here. Have any more questions or comments for us? Leave your comment below the post or email support@bigroad.com for help.

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Live from CVSA: The Lastest Info to Help You Stay Compliant - Directly From Law Enforcement

September 12, 2014

The newest FMCSA guidance on electronic logbooks means new interpretations to Hours of Service regulations are running rampant at roadside inspections across the country. Don't get caught without fully compliant logs! BigRoad's Terry Frey will be hosting a live webinar from the annual CVSA Conference and Exhibition in Buffalo, New York. Terry and guest Rick Gobbell from Gobbell transportation will discuss how state enforcement is interpreting the regulations and will provide real-world insights on what's happening at roadside inspections right now. This webinar is a must for anyone who needs to know how to stay compliant and avoid the HOS confusion.

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Explaining America’s Shortage of Truck Drivers

September 02, 2014

Swift Transportation, the United States' largest carrier, recently saw its stock plummet by eighteen percent in a single day. But the problem doesn't appear to be Swift's business -- instead, the company pointed to the trouble it's facing in finding and keeping drivers.

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FMCSA Chief Resigns Amidst Controversy

August 06, 2014

America's top trucking safety administrator has resigned from her post after five years, but it's unlikely many truckers will be shedding tears.

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Rigid hours of service rules are due for a change

May 16, 2014

I've been reading the public commentary for the recently proposed ELD rules and noticed a trend. There are lots of comments about personal freedom, privacy, and getting out of the trucking industry. Some drivers even comment in support of electronic logging. But one thing that comes up over and over is that the 14-hour shift rule is too restrictive and causes more harm than good.

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