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Show Your Appreciation for Truck Drivers

This blog comes to us from Robin Smith who is a driver recruiter from Pro Fleet in Indiana. Next week marks the start of the 2015 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which ...
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ELD: You (Don’t) Know You Want It

Drivers, for once, are in the enviable position of a win-win situation. Right now you are pretty much free to pick and choose any company you want to drive for due to the ...
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Etiquette for Professional Truck Drivers

Unfortunately, public perception of truck drivers is at an all-time low. We all know of the negative stereotypes in the industry but what can you do to put these to rest?
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Introducing Robin Smith - Driver Recruiter

I’ll start by telling you a little about myself. I’m a Recruiter, capital R. A people person. I genuinely enjoy talking to other people and hearing their stories. I believe ...
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Are Drivers Being Under-Utilized?

Trucking as a profession is changing fast. Although the concept of telematics has been around for a while, technologies surrounding it have been prohibitively expensive for ...
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