How a Driver Can Lead the Way for Better Fleet Management with eLogs

February 09, 2016

Jack Darden has been driving for years. Based in Richmond, Virginia, he was sick of paper logs and wanted to find a better electronic solution. What he didn’t realize initially, was that not only would he be changing how he logged for himself, but helping out his fellow drivers and improving the fleet management for his supervisor and the company.

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Get Your Fleet Onboard with ELDs

February 05, 2016

In recent years, fleets have experienced unprecedented challenges that have impacted their operations. The majority of these challenges have revolved around drivers - from the shortage of skilled operators to driver wellness and increasing regulations like the ELD mandate. Fleets have been caught in the middle, trying to make smart business decisions. How can they balance maximizing their operational efficiency and responding to the ELD regulations while positively contributing to driver satisfaction and retention?

This is obviously easier said than done. It’s no secret that many drivers have negative opinions about being mandated to run an ELD. As a fleet, how are you supposed to overcome negativity towards ELDs and get your drivers on the path to compliance? Here are some tips to help get your fleet onboard with ELDs.

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