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ATA Applauds New 'Progressive' Fatigue Management Tool

As a follow-up to the blog "How are you in bed?! - BigRoad Health Alert," here is an article that was posted on todaystrucking.com regarding the launch of NAFMP by the American ...
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How are you in bed?

Waking up feeling energized and ready to go for the day? Or are your night time antics causing you midday fatigue?
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Good job America, your game changing technology is awesome!

Happy 4th of July! While celebrating America's 237th birthday, take a look at the game changing technology that was born in this great country. It is a small sample, but the ...
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That's some crazy trucking!

Whether you're hauling gravel or produce, trucking can take a dangerous turn at any point. Many routes and terrain may look beautiful and easy to navigate, but they can also throw ...
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Safety & Compliance Webinar = Success!

Thank you to all those who attended our 1st webinar yesterday! Our first round of webinars discussed safety and compliance with guest speaker Rick Gobbell.
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From Carrier Pigeon to Smartphones

Ever wondered what came before smartphones? Message delivery and communication has definitely changed over the years, and it's almost impossible to believe that communication ...
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Is it spying? Is it surveillance? Is there a difference?

With all the recent scandal with regards to the NSA and their spying techniques, the feeling of "Big Brother" always watching is a little overwhelming.
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Let's see how you did - Hours of Service Survey Results

Last month, BigRoad sent out a survey regarding the Hours of Service Rules change. We had some interesting results...
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Obamacare & the Trucker

The CCJ Spring Symposium early last week discussed the impacts of Obamacare on the trucking industry. The topic of healthcare is definitely a touchy subject, so feel free to ...
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BigRoad improves CSA Scores!

Check out how this owner operator improved his business by using BigRoad. Here it is, the final Chapter of the BigRoad Ebook!
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