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Mercer EOBR- preferred solution for Owner Operators

This announcement by Mercer Transportation for an electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) mandate for its Owner Operators is a progressive move that we have seen many other O/O ...
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Plan For The Long Haul - "Owner Operator 101" with Truckin' Ed

Entrepreneurs typically possess a spirit of risk and drive which others do not, and believe me it’s needed with the overwhelming challenges we face pursuing our goals. Owning a ...
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What BigRoad learned at the Fergus Truck Show - Photo Essay

This past weekend, BigRoad went on a road trip to the annual Fergus Truck Show.
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It's official!!! BigRoad is on iPhones! Apple & electronic logs

You can now download BigRoad for iPhones!! 
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Traffic cams adding to privacy concerns...

It's been quite the year, so far, when it comes to our privacy and how to protect it.
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Don't worry, tech companies kinda have your back!

Good news for your online privacy - tech titans have your back... sort of.
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Truckers Get Ready - It's Almost Here..

BigRoad is getting ready to release it's iOS version! For all you Apple lovers, the wait is almost over!!!
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Marketing and Sales for Owner Operators, Really?

This is a good blog post by Kevin Rutherford on his LetsTruck blog.  It hits on the point that Owner Operators need to think about themselves as a business that is in a ...
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ATA Applauds New 'Progressive' Fatigue Management Tool

As a follow-up to the blog "How are you in bed?! - BigRoad Health Alert," here is an article that was posted on todaystrucking.com regarding the launch of NAFMP by the American ...
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How are you in bed?

Waking up feeling energized and ready to go for the day? Or are your night time antics causing you midday fatigue? 
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