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Transitioning From AOBRDS to ELDSThe ELD mandate came into effect on December 18, 2017 (yesterday). If you had an AOBRD installed before then, you can continue to run it until December 16, 2019, before having to transition to a full ELD. You can make that change sooner, too! Before you do, watch this recording to find out what differences you should expect to see when you switch from AOBRDs to ELDs.

Webinar Recap – Watch The Recording!

During this webinar, we discussed the differences between automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) and electronic logging devices (ELDs), why you might want to stick to using an AOBRD for a little while longer, and what changes you'll see once you move to ELDs.

Click the image below to access a recording of our Transitioning From AOBRDs to ELDs webinar that was held on December 18, 2017:

Questions & Answers

Q. When will you be implementing the full MAP21 ELD regs into your app? How long can I run it as AOBRD?
A. Our DashLink is fully compliant and has been certified with the FMCSA as an ELD. If you are currently plugged in as an AOBRD you can continue to run it that way until December 16, 2019. It is also a fully compliant AOBRD when running under AOBRD settings.

Q. Can I continue to use the BigRoad Mobile App as it exists today, after December 18, 2017 without penalty from DOT?
A. No, in order to comply with the ELD mandate, you need an engine-connected device. ELDs and AOBRDs are both engine connected, and if you have an AOBRD plugged in before December 18, 2017, you can keep using it for two more years without penalty. It is a fully compliant AOBRD.

However, there is a common misconception that this 2-year AOBRD extension means that people can just use electronic logbook apps in order to comply with the mandate. An electronic logbook app alone is basically the same as paper logs, but in electronic format. An engine-connected ELD or AOBRD connects to a vehicle’s electronic control module (ECM) in order to automatically record engine activity to create your logs.

Q. Do you charge for installation?
A. Installing BigRoad’s DashLink can be done by you or your drivers for free - it only takes a couple of minutes! You simple plug the device into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and connect it using Bluetooth to the BigRoad Mobile App on your mobile phone or tablet. Here is a link to our installation guide that you or your drivers can follow to get set up. 

Q. How does split sleeper berth work?
A. To qualify for the split sleeper berth provision you need to be in sleeper mode for at least 8 hours but no more than 10 hours. This rest period will not count as part of the 14 hours of on duty time. Then, you’ll need a separate rest period that must be at least 2 consecutive hours (but less than 10 hours) long. This period can be off duty, in sleeper or combination of both. This does count as part of your 14 hours. It doesn't matter which rest period you take first but after your second rest period has been completed then you will have your new hours available

Q. How does this impact those of us that drive pickups?
A. If you drive a pickup and need to be compliant with the ELD mandate (currently required to keep record of duty status), we have several different connector types depending on your vehicle. Our OBDII or 16-pin connector is generally the one that is used for lighter service vehicles. You simply plug the device into your diagnostic port and connect it using Bluetooth to your mobile phone or tablet. If you are currently required to create a record of duty status in your truck, you’re going to need to run an ELD unless you qualify for an exemption.

Q. Are records/logs from the the BigRoad Mobile App when using DashLink downloadable by the police officer while the driver is out on the road?  
A. You can transfer your logs electronically to an inspecting officer via email, you can fax or print them, or the officer can view your logs directly on your phone or tablet. This is a requirement by the FMCSA for conducting an ELD inspection at roadside.

Q. I've heard that trucks manufactured before December 1999 do not need an ELD under the mandate. I've also heard it goes off your tenth digit in your VIN. Am I exempt?
A. So the pre-model year 2000 exemption applies to the vehicle’s engine and not the body of the truck. So trucks that have an engine model year of 1999 or prior are exempt from the mandate. That’s because the technology doesn’t work with older, mechanical engines and it would be too costly for the FMCSA to expect those drivers to replace their vehicle’s or engines in order to install ELDs.

Q. If I have problems with the ELD equipment how long do you have to get fixed?
A. If your device malfunctions, under the ELD mandate you have 8 days to have it repaired or replaced. In the meantime you should be keeping paper logs or log on an electronic logbook app. The FMCSA requires ELD-compliant vehicles to have at least 8 days of paper logs in their vehicles for this reason. If you need more time, you need to file your issue with an FMCSA State Administrator. More information on what to do in this scenario is available on our ELD Driver Card.

Q. How much does the DashLink ELD cost?
A. It’s $19.50/month/unit or $234 per year for an owner-operator or $25/unit/month or $300 a year for a driver in a fleet of 3 or more. If you purchase the year upfront we are still offering 3 MONTHS FREE! So you will get 15 months for the price of 12.

Q. What are the exemptions to the ELD mandate?
A. If you are not currently required to produce records of duty status (RODS), then you likely do not need to comply with the ELD mandate - if you do need to produce them, then you probably need to comply. There are a few exemptions:

  • Drivers operating vehicles with engine model years of 1999 or prior
  • Short haul drivers who aren’t currently required to keep logs
  • Drivers who only need to create records of duty status less than 8 times in a moving 30 day period and never go beyond this
  • Drivers who conduct drive-away-tow-away operations, where the vehicle being driven is part of the shipment, or the vehicle being transported is a motorhome or a recreational vehicle trailer with one or more sets of wheels on the surface of the roadway.

A complete breakdown of ELD exemptions can be found here.

Q. My drivers need to switch between multiple trucks running ELD. How should this be done in the BigRoad Mobile App?
A. Before a driver starts their shift, they just need to make sure they are signed into the correct vehicle. So they go to the menu button, select switch trucks, and select the correct vehicle. It’s that easy!

Under the ELD mandate, every driving event needs to be assigned to a driver. If a vehicle is in motion without the driver signing in, the ELD must have a visual or audible and visual warning to drivers to sign into the ELD. An unidentified driving event can be assigned to a driver by a carrier, but that driver must approve this by adding his or her electronic signature. Watch this video to walk through it step-by-step.

Q. How could we use BigRoad as a timekeeping piece? Is it compatible or currently integrated with any payroll systems?
A. BigRoad is not currently integrated with any payroll systems. Fleet administrators can see a driver’s activity on the BigRoad Web App to see how far they drove that day and what time. Many fleets who are not required to keep logs legally do use it as a time tracking system. The Administrator can access their driver through the BigRoad Web App and export all of their information in an easy to read report.

Q. If a driver is off duty and he is asked to move his truck for any reason, does this yard move interfere with his off-duty time?
A. If you are using an AOBRD, you can use yard move without it affecting your drive time. If you are running as an ELD, you will need to be kicked into on-duty, driving in order to use yard move. This is an FMCSA requirement.

Q. In AOBRD can we change the vehicle motion threshold?
A. No, unfortunately that is not adjustable. Once your vehicle is driving more than 5 miles/hour, you will automatically be placed into on duty driving, unless you set your duty status to personal conveyance or yard move, which you can use off duty when you are running with an AOBRD. 5 miles per hour is the maximum speed you are allowed to move as dictated by the FMCSA. Many providers are have actually set this lower, we’ve left it at 5.

Q. I have 1 truck, do I need anything extra if I take a day or two off and someone else drives?
A. You’ll need an extra license for your other driver if they are going to be running the truck as an ELD and following ELD rules, that driver will need to sign into your vehicle using the BigRoad Mobile App when he or she drives.

Q. When you cross border to Canada at 14 hour and 11 hr USA limit how many hours can you still work and drive?
A. If you’re crossing from Canada into the US and you're at 14 hours of drive time - you’re over your drive time in the US so legally you should not be driving. When you cross, you need to start following US rules, meaning you need to be under your 11 hours. You need to make sure you pre-plan for any border crossings.

Q. How does the app work for mileage and inspections for team drivers?
A. Each driver needs to have their own BigRoad Mobile App login. Each would pair to one DashLink in the vehicle. You don’t need two DashLinks. We’ve got a complete guide to walk you through this with pictures in our resources portal under materials. It’s called the “DashLink Team Driving Guide."

Q. Why does my app show sensor failure every time I drive into a metal building. I could understand " no GPS" or " no service" but sensor failure?
A. As stated in the ELD install guide, you need to make sure that you do not mount your DashLink unit near any metal. It needs to be able to read information from satellite - just like your cell phone when you lose reception.


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