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    Marc Moncion

    Marc is the Head of Safety. Compliance & Regulatory Affairs for Fleet Complete. Marc is an author and industry subject matter expert that has worked in numerous senior transportation management roles for over 25 years, including an Inspector for the MTO. Marc Sits on several Federal/State/provincial regulatory bodies and frequently provides commentary on emerging technology, best practices and regulatory affairs. In addition, Marc is a commercial driver's licence (CCD) holder and can drive all types of commercial vehicles in North America.

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    Roadcheck 2019 is just around the corner!

    June 03, 2019

    Roadcheck 2019 is Just Around the Corner! Are you Ready? (En français ?¿En español?)


    The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) International Roadcheck will take place on June 4-6 this year. Over the 3-day period period, CVSA Inspectors at Truck Inspection Stations, Lay-By’s and other locations throughout North America will conduct inspections on commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) and drivers.

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    NA-EN-BR CSA Safety Measurement System Webinar Recording & Answers

    May 24, 2019

    The benefits of using the FMCSA's Safety Measurement System (SMS) to improve your fleet's safety ranking and DOT profile.

    Last week, our Head of Safety, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Marc Moncion, explained the functionality of the CSA Safety Measurement System. We had a great turn-out and attendees were able to ask Marc any questions they had about the industry. The recording of the webinar and Marc's answers are shared below! 

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    Marc's Safety Corner Ride-A-Long: Tips How To Reduce The Risk For Truck Drivers While On The Road

    May 16, 2019

    An avid transportation industry expert and supporter, Marc is genuinely interested in learning how ever-growing cities and increasing traffic, new technologies and fleet safety practices and policies are affecting truck drivers today. Having decades of experience in truck driving, serving as a DOT/MTO inspector, as well as heading fleet safety departments, Marc has faced these changes first hand throughout his career.

    Recently, Marc joined one of the most tenured drivers at APPS Transport (one of the leading Toronto-based transportation companies) for a ride along. Bob Zabek has been with APPS for 20+ years and is not planning to retire any time soon. He has seen the industry go through drastic changes in terms of stricter rules, digitization and increasing traffic.

    Need and ELD solution? Looking for fleet management solutions? Not sure about what you need?  BigRoad, A Fleet Complete company can cater to whatever your needs may be. Book a consultation today. 

    Marc and Bob spent a day together exchanging industry knowledge, insights and opinions on ‘A Day in the Life of a Trucker’ to Kingston, Ontario and back. They discussed how increasing traffic on the highways and aggressive driving habits from smaller vehicles are putting additional strain on truck drivers to stay safe while on the road.

    Have you ever noticed how many light duty trucks are driving on highways with unsecured ladders and other equipment in their pick-ups? In the business of long-hauling goods and cargo, Bob finds himself under a lot of scrutiny and regulations from the authorities to properly secure his loads. Do the same rules apply to non-commercial drivers?

    In our first episode of Marc's Ride-A-Long Series, Bob shares how he had to change his driving performance to the ever-changing regulations, to using the ELD to log his hours, to how other drivers on the roads are creating dangerous situations for truck drivers and more. Watch it below!



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    On-Duty Time Differences when in Canada vs US

    May 15, 2019

    On-duty time means the period that begins when a driver begins work or is required by the motor carrier to be available to work. The main exception is where a driver is waiting to be assigned to work. On-duty time will also end when the driver stops work, or is relieved of responsibility by the motor carrier. 

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    What is the common mistake one can make while choosing an ELD solution?

    May 14, 2019

    Dear Marc,

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    Technology in the workplace: Panel discussion at the AMTA event in April 2019

    May 03, 2019

    Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) hosted industry experts from Fleet Complete, Drivewyze and Isaac Instruments to discuss must-have technologies, ELDs and government regulations at the Leadership Conference and AGM on April 27, 2019 in Kananaskis, Alta. 

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    RFID Installation Tips from our expert

    April 22, 2019

    Marc’s Safety Corner welcomes Brayn Gomez, Fleet Complete’s Professional Installer and Technical Specialist.


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    How Does "Unassigned Driving" Work Under AOBRD vs ELD?

    April 22, 2019

    How does "Unassigned Driving" work under AOBRD vs ELD?

    A motor carrier was in the midst of being audited by DOT and were asked to surrender an “Unassigned Driving Report” for the previous 6 months, even though they were grandfathered under the AOBRD requirements prior to the ELD launch in December 2017.

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    Roadside ELD/AOBRD Enforcement Since ELD Launch

    April 07, 2019

    Buy ELD NowWith enforcement of the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate starting on December 18, 2017, there has been confusion at between drivers and inspectors as to whether a device is an ELD or a grandfathered automatic onboard recording device (AOBRDs).

    There have also been observations regarding complaints with some vendor support, and more drivers running out of hours due to delays. Read the blog to learn about enforcement so far, and some tips to avoid violations:

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    Are drivers required to log ALL on/off duty switches?

    April 06, 2019

    Dear Marc,

    After reading the blog "Are drivers required to show when they stop for fuel on their BigRoad driver logs?"  I am wondering about flagging every on/off duty switch. If the driver is loading, unloading or resting do we need to mark that in the notes section? Do we need to note 30 minute breaks or can we just note that we were off duty 30 minutes?

    Question submitted from one of our readers, Kevin B. Thanks Kevin!  

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