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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently announced the creation of an email address to streamline the process for requesting an extension of the 8-day period that is allowed in the regulations in order to repair or replace an electronic logging device (ELD) that malfunctions.

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ELD Malfunction Reporting Made Easier

Please read the full outline of driver and carrier responsibilities during an ELD malfunction here

As you likely know, in the case your ELD is malfunctioning, the ELD mandate rule permits the affected driver to go back to paper logs for up to 8 days, after which the motor carrier needs to request an extension if more time is needed to correct the malfunction.

Up until now, motor carriers needed to send requests for extensions directly through one of the many FMCSA division offices, whichever one covered the area in which the motor carrier is located.

email orangeToday, with the new streamlined process, a motor carrier can speed up the process by reaching out directly to FMCSA at ELD-Extension@dot.gov.  

These email requests will now be routed to the appropriate state division offices for consideration, where FMCSA’s state-based Division Administrator will either grant or deny the extension, notifying the motor carrier of their decision.

You still have the option to send requests for extensions directly to the contacting the state division offices.  Should you wish to continue following this method, please click the following link https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/mission/field-offices.

That being said, it is preferable for a motor carrier to reach out directly to ELD-Extension@dot.gov, as this address was created to centralize ELD malfunction management by FMCSA, and to maintain oversight of what malfunctions are occurring, and where. 

In addition to the new central email address, FMCSA also updated its ELD FAQs related to questions about similar processes for malfunctioning Automatic Onboard Recording Devices (AOBRD).  Please click https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/hours-service/elds/faqs to access the updated FAQs on the ELD Rule. 

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About the Author: Marc Moncion

Marc Moncion

Marc is the Head of Safety, Compliance & Regulatory Affairs for Fleet Complete. Marc is an author and industry subject matter expert that has worked in numerous senior transportation management roles for over 25 years, including an Inspector for the MTO. Marc sits on several Federal/State/Provincial regulatory bodies, and frequently provides commentary on emerging technology, best practices and regulatory affairs. In addition, Marc is a commercial driver’s licence (CLD) holder, and can drive all types of commercial vehicles in North America.